Mixing As An Art

More than ever, recording is being done in homes and other nontraditional environments. This has allowed for the creation of music in new and exciting ways, but it has also created confusion as to why a home recording may not sound like what we’re used to hearing from our favorite artists. We can help.

Mixing is as much of an art as the other steps of the recording process. Handing it over to a professional who obsesses over their craft can take your music to new levels you didn’t think were possible.

There is no “one way” to mix as each project is unique. The goal is to get in sync with the artist and to help get what is in their head to pour out of the speakers.

Mixes can be attended or not, depending on your preference or location, but an initial conversation prior to mix is essential. This allows for detailed communication about what the ultimate objective is for your music.

Tucson Audio Mixing